PickPicPack 0.1.6
Tiny yet powerful utility for packaging multiple images to new one with custom aspect ratio and size.
Perfect for making mood boards, daily art reports, presentations and other collages.
Free and open-source.
  • Easy
    Drag and drop files and folders.
  • Fast
    Pack multiple images to most common aspect ratios by one click.
  • Efficient
    Optimized RAM usage allows to pack thousands images at once.
  • Pipeline friendly
    Can be executed without GUI via CLI.
  • Cross-platform
    Available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
pickpicpack [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

-e, --equal Scale images to equal size.
-h, --help Prints help information
-V, --version Prints version information
-z, --zip Also pack all given images to ZIP archive.

-i, --input <INPUT_DIR> Sets directory to get images from.
-o, --output <OUTPUT_DIR> Sets directory to put the result. Default is Pictures folder.
-r, --ratio <RATIO> Sets aspect ratio of package. Can be a float or a pair of integers. Default is 1:1.
-s, --size <SIZE> Sets maximum dimension of exported image. Default is Actual.